A Typical Saturday Morning

Literally no one asked, but I thought it would be fun to give you a window into my world on a Saturday morning.

I always love hearing or reading about a person's morning routine because it allows me to see them clearer. I feel cozy and more connected to them. It also, for some reason, gives me inspiration. Does anyone else feel this way?

I digress - Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Up until I graduated college, I was not so thrilled with Saturday. To me, it was just another day spent doing homework. However, once that was all over and I started working 40 hours a week, I yearned for Saturday and every week it arrived, boy, did I cherish it.

Having a my step-daughter with us every other weekend makes Saturday's extra special, too, because we love making her feel comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged to take part in artistic expression and certain kinds of education. I'll elaborate more on that when I get to those mornings when we have her. For now, let's start with solo Saturday's, when it's just me and Hector:

8:00AM-9:00AM: We usually get up between 8 and 9 o'clock. We don't really get a lot of sleep during the week because we are so busy, so turning off our alarm and letting our bodies wake up naturally is definitely something we need.

9:00AM-11:00AM: You best believe the first thing I do when we get out of bed is make a whole pot of coffee. In our house, I am the barista, cook, maid, and organizer, + I wouldn't have it any other way because, honestly, I'm just really good at it ;)

Once the coffee is brewing, I yell to Hector, who's still lying in bed catching up on anything political: "2 eggs, 3 bacon, and avo, babe?," to which he replies, "yummmm, yes, please!" I turn on a cooking show or home-reno show to have on in the background - there has to be noise while I'm doing stuff. I'm always in my head from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep, so the more music, TV, and laughter, the better. My go-to cooking shows are "Pioneer Woman", "Girl Meets Farm", and "The Kitchen". If it's home-reno then I'll have on "Flip or Flop", "Hometown", "Christina on The Coast", or "Flea Market Flip".

Breakfast is ready, so me and Hector will eat on the couch or the dining room table, depending on how much food I've made. We are pretty mellow in the morning but we enjoy just sitting and talking if we aren't watching TV.

After breakfast I'll clear the dishes and move on to my skincare routine. I had really bad cystic hormonal acne from about age 22 to 26, so the products I use are as organic and natural as I could find. All skin is different. I learned that after trying so many products. First I apply toner; witch hazel is what I use for this. Any witch hazel from Target will do, even the Target brand. There's no reason for you to spend $10 on something that's just as good for $2. Next, I put Crude Personal Care's "Bloom" oil all over my face. It's a super healing serum with only 6 ingredients that's 100% organic. I massage it in then I add Trader Joes' "Enrich" facial moisturizer. It's SPF 15 and doesn't get sticky on the skin. Sometimes I'll end my routine with a lip scrub using Frank's cherry pie lip scrub (tastes great + has a good oil to sugar ratio) and put Wander Beauty's "Baggage Claim" under-eye mask on.

12:00PM: I try to read my Bible by this time, but to be truly transparent, it's hard for me on Saturday's. I honestly don't know why, but I'm working on it. I am currently studying John and if I use my Daily Grace Co. devotional, I'll be in Psalms.

12:30PM: The cleaning begins! I seriously love cleaning. I hated it more than anything as a kid, but now it's therapeutic. I dust, Windex, Swiffer, and bleach. Hector will help vacuum (bless his heart) and I'll tackle the dishes. I'll put any clean clothes away, as will Hector. We are very bad when it comes to putting clothes away. Sometimes there will be two huge piles on the floor after a couple days. I'm embarrassed, but the first step is admitting it. I promise we are getting better!

1:30PM-4:00PM: Once the cleaning is done I'll either read, watch TV, or scroll through IG, or switch around all of the above. At this point, Hector is out looking for skate spots or at the local skatepark with friends. I think it's super healthy for married couples to do things separately or have their own hobbies. I can say it's worked for us. Sometimes you just need a chance to miss each other to get some of that spark back, ya know?

I subscribe to Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, and The Epoch Times, so I'll spend some time diving into those. I believe in staying creative and informed.

The coffee is still hot around this time, so I'll probably grab myself another cup and continue the above. After 4:00pm, I am starting dinner and the rest of the night is spent hanging out. Sometimes we will go for a walk in one of the beautiful neighborhoods that surround our apartment complex.

Saturday's when my step-daughter is with us don't look too different. I'll usually make her pancakes or, her favorite, an "egg bagel", which is just a toasted, buttered bagel sandwich with egg, American cheese, and bacon (basically my version of a Breakfast Jack from Jack in The Box). After breakfast, she will usually turn on Gilmore Girls (I taught her well). Never underestimate a 9 year old's ability to keep up with Lorelai and Rory. I am always impressed to say the least. Once a couple episodes have passed I'll have her do her own little devotions using her scripture notebook. This is a great tool for kids to practice their penmanship and reading comprehension while also learning God's Word. She always has her Bible open next to her so that when she's done she can highlight the verse she just learned. It's a truly precious sight to see!

Following her devotions, we will have her sit down and read a book then journal about it. This is another tool to help sharpen her reading comprehension and writing skills. Painting or drawing is next on her list of activities, then she will either go skating with my husband (she's a little skater girl, lemme tell you!) or will snack away on the couch while watching a nature show!

Welp, that concludes my overview of a typical Saturday in Casa Arroyo! Let me know if you enjoyed this and want me to continue writing about stuff like routines and product reviews. I love reading them so I thought I'd take a crack at it and see if you love 'em too!

As always, thank you for reading!

Sincerely + with love,


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