My Top 8 Favorite Podcasts

Who doesn't love a podcast on their drive to and from work? It makes traffic a tad bit bearable, gives you inspo, information, and, in my case, the latest tea in pop culture. But the podcasts I cherish most are the ones that reel me back into the Word of God. You can't beat that type of encouragement!

As I've mentioned in prior posts, I love reading "favorites" lists, morning routines, and top picks from bloggers/influencers, so I thought I would share my top 8 (yes, like MySpace) favorite podcasts. They range from Christianity + conservative topics to pop culture, writing, + entrepreneurship. I like to think I am a well-rounded, well-read woman and these podcasts have added to that.

Christian/Conservative Podcasts:

1. The Daily Grace Co. - For those who read my blog frequently (do any of you exist?) you know my love for The Daily Grace Co! They have a podcast that I discovered in my final years of college and, man, did they help get me through it. I went to a university that is one of the most liberal in Southern California, which resulted in an every day spiritual battle that left me in such exhaustion that I wanted to quit more than once. There weren't, and still aren't, many solid Christian podcasts out there, so when I stumbled upon them I was relieved. While I don't necessarily agree with their approach to politics, COVID, and suffering, all other topics of discussion are great + super encouraging.

2. Healing Journeys Today - Every episode is filled with biblical truth and encouragement regarding healing, faith, and taking your thoughts captive. All speakers have lived through traumatic illnesses, mental health issues, and more and have been completely healed! These are REAL, transparent Christians who start to feel like friends after awhile. Honestly, I don't think you could be any more blessed by a podcast. Highly recommend!

3. Poplitics with Alex Clark by Turning Point USA - Here is your one + only stop for pop culture but from a conservative POV. Alex Clark, the host, is quirky, down-to-earth, and hilarious. It's also an IGTV medium, so be sure to catch the episodes on IG so you can see her cute outfits and the beyond funny tv show/movie snippets they use between segments. You'll understand when you see it. Oh and the best part? This podcast is run by Turning Point USA, so you know it's credible!

4. Uncancellable by Christian Walker - All I can say about Christian Walker is that he is a loud, proud, true conservative and I am HERE FOR IT! He is relentless with the truth in the best way. He is also on the battlefield every day as a student at UCLA, one of the other incredibly liberal universities in Southern California, so anything he discusses on the podcast, he has tackled it in real life and I respect him for that type of bravery (he's majoring in . He goes over everything from wokeness, cancel culture, and the Hollywood elite, to current events and pop culture. He says what we are all thinking and I wouldn't change a thing for that fact alone. Tune in - you won't be disappointed.

Secular/Pop culture/Other:

1. The World's First Podcast by Sarah + Erin Foster - I absolutely love the Foster Sisters! The David Foster's two oldest daughters have a podcast and it's just plain amazing. Sara + Erin argue, banter, tell it like it is, and are super relatable and hilarious. They also have about 1-3 degrees of separation from every A lister in existence. For non-Christian's, they give some really great advice for sister things, step-parent/kid things, and business things. I don't listen to the episodes with guests because they have mediums and reverends and dating "guru's" on, which, as a Christian, is not something I should be listening to but other than that I highly recommend! (Oh, and they cuss a alot - haha)

2. Unzipped by Shenae Grimes-Beech + Annalynne McCord - I was a major 90210 fan back in 2009 so when I found out Annie and Naomi (their character names on the show) had a podcast, I subscribed immediately. Now, I'll be honest, these two can get a little annoying. Their voices are very valley girl, to say the least. However, I appreciate their brutal honesty and genuine transparency, which is what keeps me coming back. They talk about very real things, especially what it's like to be young in Hollywood, and, as you all know, real is what I am ALL about.

3. The Morning Toast - This is another sister podcast that I absolutely adore! Claudia + Jackie Oshry are two Jewish sisters living in New York City and give you the top 5 pop culture stories you need to know every day. I am always laughing on my car ride home from work because they are so funny. They bring a freshness that I honestly can't articulate, so you'll just have to listen for yourself to see what I mean. To put it plainly, they are objective, realistic, honest, and have the best opinions and takes about pop culture today. They also have great guests on most of the time and have a weekly advice segment called "Dear Toasters" where listeners write in for advice on wedding stuff, relationships, work stuff, and friendship drama. So entertaining and episodes only run about an hour, so short + sweet too!

4. The Writerly Life by Hopewriters - Okay, full disclosure, I haven't actually listened to an episode yet, but I will tell you that their blog is amazing. This podcast is all about pursuing a writing career/hobby/side hustle: the how, when, what, and why. They give great advice on their blog so I can only imagine how great their podcast is! I can't wait to listen!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some captivating new podcasts in this list. Let me know if you guys are interested in other lists like this. I really enjoy writing them out :)

Sincerely + with love,


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