Why You Can't be a Liberal + a Christian, P.3


For my 3rd installment of this series, I am going to send you off with a final word about the heart of the matter.

So - let me make something abundantly clear: I am not saying that if you have liberal views as a Christian, you have lost your salvation. There is no "losing" your salvation. You either never had it to begin with or you have accepted Jesus into your heart sincerely and have been living your life for Christ ever since. Only God knows your heart. Whatever you're struggling with is between you and Him. The root issue is whether or not you love + believe His Word enough to obey it.

Now, if you are a Christian and Part 1 + 2 upset or offended you, then congratulations: you're a liberal Christian. I didn't write this to validate your false version of Jesus Christ and Christianity. I wrote this to open eyes and minds to what the Bible really says about murder and sexuality, which is usually met with a lot of anger because most people do not want to hear the truth. It makes them uncomfortable. It challenges them to make permanent life changes they are not willing to make. My objective is to point you to God's Word + His Will + His love for you! Don't shoot the messenger. Take it up with God Himself.

My advice? Open your Bible and STUDY it. Read it within its context, not your own interpretation. When you decide to approach God's Word with humility it's amazing what you will discover about His character, His love, and His grace. It's greater than anything this world could ever give you (John 14 NKJV).

We are in the last days, folks. Don't get "woke", just wake up.

Sincerely + with love,


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