Writing it out: My Fav Planners + Notebooks

Ever since I can remember, I've had a notepad and pen near me at all times. My mom told me that even at the age of 5 I was carrying a bag around with some sort of paper and writing utensil with me. I guess I was always destined to write the Great American Novel, even if my first drafts were purely slobber-stained pages and scribbled nonsense (like most first drafts - I'm kidding, I never drool).

With a serious need to express my every thought, a notebook has always been my most trusted companion. There is never any rebuke, judgement, or correction, just a silent friend absorbing all of my mental chaos saying, "please give me more, I love this!" To which I respond, "Alright, you asked for it!"

Then I eventually discovered planners...and that opened up my whole world. I realized that writing down not only my thoughts, but also my plans (not that I had that many), my homework, and other life events helped me gather myself in a way I never thought was possible.

My mind is always going a hundred miles a second. Sitting down at any time of the day to stop and write down what needs to get done (hi, to-do lists!), what I have planned, and budgeting is a much-needed daily necessity for me. It helps me slow down, organize everything and feel accomplished. Now, do I always follow my planner? No. But it does help me remember things so everything gets done one way or another. I am equal parts spontaneous and planned. It just depends on the day.

So, with that said, I have listed my favorite, ride-or-die planners, notebooks, and notepads that I have used and will continue to use. I will also give a description of each and share who I think would benefit from them most (i.e. mom, working girl, minimalist, etc.) Enjoy!


Golden Coil - $68 - $100

[For the Mom, Teacher/Homeschooler, Minimalist, Influencer]

This is hands-down my favorite planner of all time. I discovered them on Instagram about 3 years ago and have been a devoted customer every since. You can customize almost every of the planner from how many pages you want, the types of pages, and how many of a type you want. I used this planner through college, my wedding planning, and other busy times in my life and I felt so put together. You get ample writing space, no matter what type of page you choose and the covers are beautiful + refined. You can also purchase bookmarks and gold pointers for you to place on the page most important to you. There is a pocket in the back too!

My favorite custom pages are Budget, Brain Dump, + Fillable List. The price range is pretty wide. All planners start at $68, with the price going up with every page. The most I've paid is $80, but its completely worth it. It's top-quality and gorgeous!

2022 Cambridge Workstyle Planner - $10

[For the Student, Minimalist, On-The-Go Girl, Broke Girl]

You can never go wrong with Ol' Reliable, amiright? I've had many Cambridge planners over the years and I always find my way back after taking a break. Found mostly at Target, they are inexpensive, easy to fit in your bag, cute, and have all the things needed in a planner packed in. I also like to put fun stickers on this planner. The covers are usually one color, so it's easy to make it your own. The one I linked is the one I have now (as seen in my IG stories) and I've already covered with stickers I've collected over the last couple years. I keep my planners like they're diaries, so a little dress up is necessary. The "weekly" pages are my favorite part because the left page is the week-at-a-glance and the right page is just lines + bulleted tasks to get done. You can't go wrong with this one.

Band.o To-Do Planner - Cool Cat - $23

[For the List-maker, Organizer, Project Coordinator, On-The-Go Girl, Mom]

This is a planner chalk full of LISTS! It's called the "To-Do Planner" for a reason. It has 4 categories: Schedule, Priorities, To-Do Lists, and Shopping List. All of them are brightly-colored and undated. I love the size of this lil cutie and you can rip out the pages as you go, which is a feature not many planners have and I LOVE! Being able to get rid of the page signifies a feeling of "done". Nothing better than tangible evidence of a hard days work being over!

The cover is my favorite part of the planner. You can always count on Band.o to kill it with art and graphic design!

I haven't given this one a test drive yet, but I think this will be my next planner purchase.

The 2022 Everygirl Planner at Target - $13.99

[For the Teacher/Homeschooler, On-the-Go Girl, Minimalist, Broke Girl]

For my job as a teacher/tutor, I have a caseload of students I see on a daily basis. While I don't need an fully functioning planner, I still need an at-a-glance look at my month and week ahead (this is a monthly-only planner), that way, I can prep accordingly. I also carry it around with me as I go from student to student, jotting down notes, grabbing for a pen I keep in the pocket, and crossing out any to-do's. I tried finding the "Botanical" design of this planner but it doesn't look like it's in stock at Target anymore. There is space to write, a sticker set for reminders, a "Today" bookmark/ruler, and it's just really pretty and not too big. I would say it's medium-sized. Totally chic and professional without being boring!


Band.o LRG Rough Draft Notebook - Sunshine Super Bloom - $16

You cannot go wrong with Band.o writing products. This notebook is great for work, brainstorming, or journaling. It's sturdy, the pages let you date your work, and its so bright and happy! It's the perfect size, too.

Band.o MINI Rough Draft Notebook - Be Present - $12

I love this for the same reason as the large rough draft notebook, but this is purse sized! The paper is so smooth :)

It's pictured here to your left!

Any notebook from Papier - $26

If you want a notebook to be displayed in your home on your coffee table or nightstand, this is the brand to choose one from. Every notebook is beautifully made with quality materials and has gorgeous art on every cover. Sometimes I just go to the website and stare at them. Perfect for an every day diary!


The Daily Grace Co. Notepad - Poppy - $5 - $10

I use this daily at work for a quick jot, list, or thought and it's gorgeous, like all things from The Daily Grace!

The Daily Grace Co. Weekly Overview Notepad - Blush Floral - $5 - $10

I use this to plan out my work week. I don't get too detailed with it - I simply write what projects need to get done asap and any other deadlines I have!

The Daily Grace Co.

"Daily He Leads Me" Notepad - $5 - $10

This is a Bible study notepad that is perfect for a quick scripture reading. It helps you dig deeper without having to go in-depth (does that make sense?). It's pretty and is almost always on sale for $5!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite mediums of paper! Let me know if you purchase any! I would love to see what you've chosen and how you use paper :)

Stay tune for a post about why praying for your friends is just as important as praying for your enemies. Hope you find it encouraging and thoughtful!

Sincerely + with love,


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